Zeberuon (Zeberu)

Zeberuon card
English Incantation: Zeberu
Japanese Incantation: Zeberuon (ゼベルオン)
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Type: Attack Episode: 20
Chapter: 43 Video Game: Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury
Description: Zeberuon is one of Baltro's spells.This spell is used to control whatever objects the flowers are implanted in, the main use of the spell was to create the the army of nights Baltro used to terroise the nearby village and probly the traps in the castle such has iving weapons trap duors and falling walls has well has Barutoro's large robot suit. the flowers could control any thing they tuched and even give them a cents of conchesness as the nights could carry out orders with out Baltro or Steng Baltro having to be there. it also could some how makes Baltros suit talk reporting zatch's progress throw the castle but when the flower on a object is destroyed it go's back to being inanimit larger objects like Barutoro's suit take more then one flower. It's implied that Baltro can see and thaw the flowers because he knew that Zatch was progressing in thawing his traps.

Effects: The Ghost Knights: The Ghost Knights are suits armor animated by Baltro's flowers they could move under here own power and even had them a cents of conchesness as the nights could carry out orders with out Baltro or Steng Baltro having to be there. they had a veriety of weapons cents they were empty suits of armor they could be nockt apart with enoph force but wood not stop unless the flowers were destroyed or puld out being suits of armor they are very resilent and most spells have little effect but cents there metill they are vunerable t megnitom spells

Flying Weapons: they are weapons animated by the flowers that fly into any intruders thaw fast they are not has tuff as the ghost nights and are destored by the rushild spell

Trap Rooms: Flowered floors and cillings crate a bodomless pit or a callapsing cillings

Baltro's Suit: Baltro's Suit is a large robot made from various pieces of armor held together by the magic flowers. It's very strong and has a gatilean gun in the chest; though Baltro normally controls it, Steng can take over control remotely allowing him to lend Baltros his expert boxing skills like anything else animated by the flowers. In the moment the flowers are burned, it falls apart.

Baltro's Other Spells: Zeberusen

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