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ZBEA Picture

Cover art for the game

Zatch Bell!: Electric Arena (金色のガッシュベル!! - うなれ!友情の電撃 - Konjiki no Gash Bell!! - Yuujou no Zakeru) is a fighting game based on the Zatch Bell! (Konjiki no Gash Bell!!) anime/manga that was released on Game Boy Advance[1] in the U.S. and Japan. It was developed by Banpresto and published by Bandai.

Game Modes Edit


Zakeru in the game.

Story Mode:In this mode we play as Zatch and Kiyo, in a total of 7 fights that's follow the order of events that occurred in the Anime/Manga.

Free Battle:This is a traditional one-on-one battle. Choose any character and stage and begin fighting immediately.

Challenge Mode:In this mode you choose one of the characters and fight against 7 other characters, life is fully recovered every match, if you defeat all 7, you win the Challenge Mode.

Survival Mode:This mode is almost equal to Challenge Mode, you choose a character and fight with other 7, the only difference is that with each fight, life does not fully recover with each match

Mini-Games Edit

Naomi Attack! In this Mini-Game you will have to run from Naomi, the girl who torments Zatch every time he goes to the park, quickly pressing the A and B buttons.

Create a Volcan! In this Mini-Game you will have to mount Volcano, Zatch's friend, which is a puppet made of a box of daisies and toothpicks, you will have to press the buttons you send, for example, it appears: R, then you will have to press R, But it appears in sequences, for example, RRRBALL, go tightening everything that appears until you win!

Ponygon's Chomp Chomp! In this Mini-Game you will have to help Ponygon, a mamodo horse that lives in Zatch's house, to bite Kiyo's hand, when Kiyo's hand is close to his mouth, press A or B and then you will have to keep squeezing A and B very quickly until you reach a certain number of Bites.

OOF Iron Folgore In this Mini-Game, you will have to help Folgore, a famous Italian actor and singer, to divert from the bullets of a gang in his newest film "OOF Iron Folgore", similar to Create a Volcan, you will have to Press the buttons that appear on the screen.

Zatch Collection Edit

The Zatch Collection is the items you collect by playing, items can represent a funny scene in Anime even from an object that appears in Anime. Here's how to get some of them:

* Volcan 300 - Complete the history mode of one without losing.

* Volcan (Mountain Version) - play the game "Create a Volcan !!" # 2 is the easy way.

* Volcan (Doctor Version) - play the game "Create a Volcan !!" In normal mode.

* Lori wreath of flowers - play Challenge Mode with Lori / Kolulu.

* Tina - play the game "Create a Volcan !!" In hard mode.


ZatchBell! - Electric Arena (U)

Character select screen

  • Zatch/Kiyo
  • Brago/Sherry
  • Reycom/Hosokawa
  • Kolulu /Lori
  • Kanchome/Folgore
  • Tia/Megumi
  • Wonrei/Li-en
  • Rops/Apollo
  • Brago/Sherry 2
  • Zeno/Dufort
  • Ponygon/Raiku
  • Zatch/Kiyo Rauzaruk

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