One of Kanchome's cards.

Zatch Bell! The Card Battle is the card game based on the Zatch Bell series. The most notable thing about this card game is that instead of using a deck, you keep your cards in a spellbook. There are four types of cards:

  • Mamodo - Mamodo are the demons that fight in the Zatch Bell series. Mamodo can battle, and use spells.
  • Partner - Partners are the partners of the Mamodo. When you attach a Partner to a specific Mamodo, an effect will be played.
  • Spell - Spells are what mamodo use to battle. Using a spell can cause a variety of effects.
  • Event - Events are simply the events that occur in the world of Zatch Bell. They have an effect that activates when put in play.

Four sets were made in America, but twelve sets were made in Japan. how to play:

  • 1. You need 32 cards a Spell Book and Someone else to play with
  • 2. You need to make sure that the first card in your spell book is a mamodo and your last card a spell card 3. You can only use 3 mamodo cards at one time/ 3 partner cards too
  • 4. You don't need a partner card to cast spell cards for example you don't need a Kiyo Takamine card to let a Zatch Bell card play Zaker or Rashield
  • 5. Each turn you may turn either 0,1,2,3 pages each page you turn you gain 2 mp / You can never turn a page back
  • 6. To win the game you must make your opponent turn his last page or finish thier book
  • 7. Orange rimmed cards are mamodo cards such as Zatch Bell, Blue rimmed cards are Partner cards such as Kiyo Takamine, Green rimmed cards are event cards such as Here Comes Zatch Bell, Yellow rimmed cards are spell cards such as Zaker
  • 8. Your turn goes like this
  • Start Phase
  • 1. Turn a page maximum 3 pages /or don't turn a page gain 2 mp per page turned
  • Battle Phase
  • 1. The attacker may play a spell card if possible
  • 2. Both players can activate card effects such as add 1000 power when this card attacks
  • 3. Both players may play event cards
  • End Phase
  • 1. you may turn a page/ only 1 page

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