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Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine
Japanese Name: Zaguruzemu (ザグルゼム)
Type: Assist/Attack Episode: 83
Chapter: 155 Video Game: N/A
Blue lightning
Description: Zaguruzemu (ザグルゼム), known as Zagurzem in the English dub and manga, is Gash's 7th spell and second assist spell.


Zaguruzemu takes the form of a sphere of light which shoots at the opponent and charges anything it strikes with electric energy. When any offensive electric spells are cast at a person or object stored with Zaguruzemu's electric energy, it amplifies the power. Multiple Zaguruzemus can be shot at the same target in order to make the other spells more potent in effect, and Zaguruzemu can also be cast at other lightning spells, such as Baou Zakeruga, to make them stronger.

The spell is also known as a chain spell, as it can be cast on inanimate objects, then hit with another electricity spell, and each Zaguruzemu charged object will attract the electricity spells, causing a chain reaction. It is an extremely useful spell and one which Kiyomaro and Gash utilize often after receiving it.

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