Mamodo Partner
Zabas Galliont
ザバス Zabasu ガリオント Garionto
 Zabas (ザバス, Zabasu) and Galliont (ガリオント, Garionto) are minor characters and only appear in episodes 37 and 38. Zabas' ability revolve around Flight and Wind.


They are a team met by Zatch, Kiyo, and Li-en during their invasion in Li Pakron's fortress. Zabas intended to eliminate Wonrei from the fight after detecting him on the island where he was imprisoned. Despite having a power that he could freely manipulate, Wonrei beats Zabas and Zatch eliminates him using his fifth spell, Zakeruga.


Garu Yuruk
The Spinning Rocket Attack
Japanese Name: Garuuruku (ガルウルク)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 38 Chapter: 73
Description: Turns Zabas into a spinning rocket to attack opponents.
Known user(s):

Oru Wigar
The Powerful Gust Spell
Japanese Name: Oru Uigaru (オル・ウイガル)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 37 Chapter:
Description: Shoots a powerful, manipulable gust of wind at opponents.
Known user(s):


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