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Japanese Name 秋山勇太 Akiyama Yūta
Romaji {{{rom_name}}}
Age 11
Species Human
First appearance (Anime) 6
First appearance (Manga) 11
Voiced for Satsuki Yukino (Japanese)
Mona Marshall (English)

Yuuta Akiyama (秋山勇太Akiyama Yūta) is a boy that Kiyo and Zatch meet in the Mochinoki's hospital right after the fight with Brago and Sherry in episode 5. Having no faith in healing his broken leg, its been said he's been at the Hospital for a very long time. In comparison to most, who usually only need a month.

His seiyū is Satsuki Yukino and his English voice is provided for Mona Marshall.


An aggressive boy who has no expectations of healing back from his injures from his broken leg. Kiyo then tries to help him by giving him tips of how to have a healthy meal; viewing Kiyo's advice as condescending, Yuuta stole the Red Book and tries to burn it. After some time Zatch and Kiyo find him on a ledge overseeing the roof and manage to convince him to give back the book; ironically Yuuta slips shortly after returning and finds himself falling headfirst towards the roof of the hospital. Fortunately, Kiyo remembers that there is a linen closet directly under the roof under Yuuta, and uses the book's Zakeru spell to destroy the section of roof between it and Yuuta. Yuuta then decides to eat a healthier diet, having concluded that that's where Zatch's lightning abilities come from.

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