Wī Mū Wō Jingamuru Dioborosu

Jingamuru dioborosu
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Japanese Incantation: Wī Mū Wō Jingamuru Dioborosu (ウィー・ムー・ウォー・ジンガムル・ディオボロス)
Meaning: Wī Mū Wō (ウィー・ムー・ウォー) = Pre-spell incantation
Jingamuru (ジンガムル) = ???
Dioborosu (ディオボロス) = Dark Energy
Type: Attack Episode: N/A
Chapter: 281 Video Game: N/A
The "Black Room"
Description: Wī Mū Wō Jingamuru Dioborosu (ウィー・ムー・ウォー・ジンガムル・ディオボロス), simply known as Jingamuru Dioborosu (ジンガムル・ディオボロス), is one of Gorm's spells. With it, Gorm creates, through a series of actions, a huge spiked ball of destructive dark energy. It is a unique spell in the way that, through the first three words of the spell, Mir seems to direct Gorm's actions, having him first create a circle of energy with his hands, shooting it as a ball, and then having it expand. After this, the spell is sent at the enemy with the final two words.
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