Japanese name ワイフ


Japanese name (rōmaji) Waifu
Nakata Sabae
Age 43
Species Human
First appearance (anime)
First appearance (manga)
Voiced by Haruhi Terada (Japanese)

Wife (ワイフ, Waifu), real name Sabae Nakata (中田なかた鯖江さばえ, Nakata Sabae)[1] is one of the recurring minor character in Zatch Bell. She is the wife of Hidetoshi Nakata, the math teacher at Mochinoki Middle School. She is noted for her large round breasts size which is used in many comical purposes.


  • Wife appears as one of Naomi's "spells" which summons Wife to knock Raiku into the opponent. She cannot be guarded or blocked by any means.


  1. Chapter 177 of the manga
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