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Volcan 300
Japanese Name バルカン 300
Romaji Barukan 300
Age 5 minutes (told by Kiyo)
Species Playing Toy
First appearance (Anime) 3
First appearance (Manga) 16
Voiced for N/A

Vulcan 300 (バルカン 300 Barukan 300 in the original) is a card board robot from the anime and manga series, Zatch Bell. It was made by Kiyo to keep Zatch occupied with a "friend" so he doesn't follow him to school.

Appearance & InformationEdit

Vulcan is a cardboard robot that Kiyo Takamine made for Zatch due to the fact that he had no one to play with. Made out of disposable chopsticks and a Pocky Box in five minutes, Vulcan is not very durable. Because of this, there are many versions of Vulcan.

The first Vulcan 300 only survived for a couple of days because Kiyo had forgotten to glue his head. There are several versions of Volcan, and Tia has one of her own (a female version named Volunlun 300.) Vulcan is popular with fans and is often seen in comical situations (such as hilariously themed costumes, being fed actual food by Zatch, etc.) and makes many appearances in omake, given a sentient life and actual thoughts. It even played a key role in the second movie where the latest Vulcan was an actual funtioning robot (named Death18) created by Dr. M2.


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