Varusere Ozu Maru Sorudon

Varusere ozu maru sorudooon
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Japanese Incantation: Varusere Ozu Māru Sorudon (ヴァルセレ・オズ・マール・ソルドン)
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Type: Attack Episode: N/A
Chapter: 171(mentioned); 283 (actual appearance) Video Game: N/A
Description: Varusere Ozu Maru Sorudon is Arth's strongest spell. It creates a multitude of massive swords that besiege the enemy.This spell was named for the first time in chapter 171 and was going to be realised in chapter 243 but he was interrupted. This means that already it was learned before appearing for the first time .It is called "The last of our three trump cards" (First is Barubarosu Sorudo and the second Gyan Bagyam Sorudo). Before performing the spell, a chant must be say: "Invoke the sword of Varusere, unleash the demonic power of ten thousand demons and reduce everything to dust!!!" (ヴァルセーレの剣に吸い込みしよろず魔物の魔力を放ち、万物を砂塵へと変える千手剛剣とならん!!!, Varusēre no ken ni suikomishi yorozu mamono no maryoku wo hanachi, banbutsu wo sajin e to kaeru senju gouken to naran!!!)
Arth's Other Spells:

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