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Ancient Mamodo
ツァオロン Tsaoron
Mamodo Stats
Age: 18 [1,018]
Gender: Male
English Actor: Steve Staley
Japanese Actor: Yuichi Nakamura
Mamodo Team Stats
Partner: Gensou (玄宗 Gensō)
The Dark Green Book
Book Burned In Episode 71 And In Chapter 132.
Debut Episode: 70
Debut Chapter: 129
Martial arts
Martial Arts
Book Burned By: Wonrei and Li-en


Tsao-Lon is one of the Ancient Mamodo who was revived by Zofis. He was one of mamodo chosen by Zofis and given a high rank as one of the Four Supreme Mamodo. He serves as a rival of Wonrei.


Gensou is a strong and powerful martial artist who loves to fight. He is very strong being able to crack Tia's defensive spell Seoshi and hurt Wonrei. He hates to fight weak opponents and only wants to fight strong ones. He was also one of the only human partners of the 1,000 year old mamodo to not have their hearts manipulated, being that he freely chose to join Zofis. He even continued to fight after his spellbook was burned and his mamodo dissapeared.


Martial arts
Martial Arts
Japanese Name:Erudo (エルド)
Type(s):Attack Episode: Chapter:
Description:The staff he carries grows and attacks.

Go Erudo
Martial arts
Martial Arts
Japanese Name:Gou Erudo (ゴウ・エルド)
Type(s):Attack Episode: Chapter:
Description:A stronger version of Erudo.

Ganzu Erudo
Martial arts
Martial Arts
Japanese Name:Ganzu Erudo (ガンズ・エルド)
Type(s):Attack Episode:71 Chapter:
Description:Tso-Lon make his staff grows and attacks multiple times.

Zao Gir Erudo
Martial arts
Martial Arts
Japanese Name:Zaou Giruerudo (ザオウ・ギルエルド)
Type(s):Attack Episode: Chapter:
Description:Summons a shark creature made of energy with his staff.

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