The Second Spell! is the third episode of Zatch Bell. The transcript is from the Viz English dub.


Kiyo is reading Zatch's red book inside his room.

  • Kiyo: Rashield... Rashield! Man, just when I thought I was finally able to read this mumbo-jumbo. What's the second spell? I wonder if it's another kind of lightning attack.

Kiyo imagines Zatch destroying an entire city with an electric attack. The scene cuts back to Kiyo's room.

  • Kiyo: What am I doing? Maybe I just ought to skip it.
  • Zatch: Ding ding, breakfast time!
  • Kiyo: Not now.
  • Zatch: Come and get it!
  • Kiyo: Beat it.

Zatch rings a triangle.

  • Kiyo: Zatch, I'm trying to concentrate!

Episode Title: The Second Spell!

Act 1

Zatch is getting dressed on Kiyo's desk.

  • Kiyo: What in the world is wrong with you? What do you think you're doing up there?
  • Zatch: What's it look like I'm doing? Getting dressed, isn't that what you usually do in the morning?
  • Kiyo: Do you have to do it on top of my desk, I work there.
  • Zatch: Okay, Kiyo, I'm ready to go.

Zatch is wearing his green-bag disguise.

  • Kiyo: To go where, small fry?
  • Zatch: To school, of course. This is my bookbag.
  • Kiyo: No. Way. Stop following me!
  • Zatch: I'm supposed to be your guide through life and mentor and tutor and everything.
  • Kiyo: Well, not today! You're staying here!

Zatch grabs onto Kiyo's leg as he tries to leave.

  • Zatch: *screams* Kiyo, you got to take me to school with you, you can't just leave me here!
  • Kiyo: Knock it off, let go, you're getting my pants wet!

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