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(This scene is when Zatch caught a yellowtail and runs around laughing.)

Zatch: What a beauty! This will help poor sick Kiyo.

Folgore: I can't take anymore of these a shocks I'm a reach in my limit. My heart is weak, my friend. Besides, I don't have anymore shirts left. There is a nothing left to cover my fabilous chest. (he uncoves his chest.) Me boying boying. She grows fainter if I take one more hit. No more boying.

Kanchome: (sobs) Then I'll take their blasts. (sobbing) Zatch, how could you become so strong all of a sudden? You were a failure just like me. Everyone made fun of you

Folgore: Kanchome


(starts a dream when Folgore and Kanchome leave)

Folgore: Ciao!

Kiyo: Get lost!

(his dream ends)

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