The Four Mamodo Prodigies were a group of four elite Mamodo children that only adults could beat. They are sometimes dubbed as the undefeatable demon children and are mentioned by Keith in chapter 239, page 4. The group consists of the elite from the royal family, Zeno; the Mamodo child that received special training, Brago; and the two rumored prodigies of the dragon clan, Ashuron and Elzador . All four Mamodo are shown to be extremely strong, even without the use of spells, to the point that only adult soldiers could stand a chance against them. They were widely known due to their immense strength, especially Brago, Ashuron and Elzador, and while one might not recognize the Mamodo prodigy by sight, many still held some knowledge of the four prodigies and their strength (except for Zatch, who had his memories stolen and thus, did not recognize the four by sight or by their statuses), such as Tio, who did not recognize Zeno as the elite from the royal family, but knew of Brago as one of the undefeatable demon children; and Keith, who did not recognize Zeno as one of the four, despite having great knowledge of the undefeatable demon children, having counted himself as one of the great four. Despite the fact that the four elite Mamodo could only be defeated by adults, this "rule" had been slightly bent as each of the four were defeated by a Mamodo child in the battle to become king. Ashuron was defeated by Clear Note, Elzador was defeated by Vincent Bari, and Brago and Zeno were both defeated by Zatch Bell.

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