Suou Giakuru (So Giaku)

Sou Giakuru
Penny and Uri
English Incantation: So Giaku
Japanese Incantation: Suou Giakuru (スオウ・ギアクル)
Meaning: Suou (スオウ) = Possibly the name of the Water Dragon
Gi- (ギ) = Unknown, but it is a stem for "ice" which doesn't relate to this spell
Akuru (アクル) = Water Attack
Type: Attack Episode: 53
Chapter: 102 Video Game: N/A
Description: So Giaku (スオウ・ギアクル Suou Giakuru) is one of Penny's spells. Penny's most powerful spell in which she summons a huge Chinese dragon made of water, similar to Zatch's Baou Zakeruga. This spell was later succeeded with a much more powerful and larger version called Shin Suou Giakuru in the Golden Spellbook.
Penny and Uri's Other Spells: Akuru, Ashirudo, Aku Supureido, Oruda Akuron, Akuru Kiroro, Akurouku, Ganzu Akuru, Akuruga, Shin Suou Giakuru

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