Sorusen (Sorusen)

Earth and Elly
English Incantation: Sorusen
Japanese Incantation: Sorusen (ソルセン)
Meaning: Soru- (ソル) = Short for Sorudo (ソルド) for "Sword"
-sen (セン) = Projectile
Type: Attack Episode: 101
Chapter: 170 Video Game: N/A
Description: Sorusen (ソルセン) is one of Arth's spells. Arth is able to launch a bladed projectile from his sword as a long-range attack.
Earth and Elly's Other Spells: Sorudo, Gou Sorudo, Jan Ji Sorudo, Borusen, Urusoruto, Jerudo Ma Sorudo, Barubarosu Sorudo, Gyan Bagyamu Sorudon, Godima Sorudo, Varusere Ozu Māru Sorudon, Shin Varusere Ozu Māru Sorudon

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