Sorudo (Swordo)

Arth and Elly
English Incantation: Swordo
Japanese Incantation: Sorudo (ソルド)
Meaning: Sorudo (ソルド) = Sword
Type: Assist Episode: N/A
Chapter: 282 (flashback) Video Game: N/A
Description: Arth's first spell. Swordo (ソルド Sorudo) strengthens Arth's sword for a short time, allowing him to deliver a mighty slash to the enemy. It was first used to attack Gani Fest, after Elly had repeatedly refused to help Arth. Saving Arth by casting spell convinced Elly that she could still do good in her life even with her disease, and she decided to become his partner. This is seen in a flashback, and the spell is not used in any of Arth's present-time battles.
Arth and Elly's Other Spells: Sorusen, Gou Sorudo, Jyan Ji Sorudo, Borusen, Urusoruto, Jerudo Ma Sorudo, Barubarosu Sorudo, Gyan Bagyamu Sorudon, Godima Sorudo, Varusere Ozu Māru Sorudon, Shin Varusere Ozu Māru Sorudon