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Small intestine drill

This drill is the guardian of Faudo's Small Intestine. It appears once one has answered the questions of Unko Tin Tin, the guardian of Faudo's esophagus. The drill has the same amount of power as a Dioga-level spell, and can only be stopped by spell of the same caliber. Throughout Faudo's small intestine are pressure-sensitive spots that react whenever something presses down on them, causing whip-like tentacles that secrete acid to trigger and attack intruders. When Zatch and his friends were running from the drill, Momon stole Tia's panties (again) and accidentally dropped them onto one of the pressure sensitive spots. The panties simply fell through because they did not produce enough weight to activate the sensor. In order to stop the drill, Aleshie tried to use Riya's ulitmate spell, Shaou Niodoruku, but failed and collapsed because of Riou's Curse.

Elle used Momon's time control spell, Ora Norojio, and they survive.They escaped to Faudo's Liver.

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