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Shin Raifojio

Kolulu and Lori
Japanese Name: Shin Raifojio (シン・ライフォジオ)
Type: Defense Episode: N/A
Chapter: 318 Video Game: N/A
Description: Shin Raifojio is one of Kolulu's spells. Kolulu places a protective light aura around herself and/or anyone else she wishes to protect. According to Kolulu, this is a spell that protects "life"; for example, while enveloped in the aura of the spell, it allows one to survive in the vacuum of space or underwater. This spell is only seen seen in The Golden Spellbook, and is Kolulu's only known spell that does not require her to take on her fierce alternative personality.
Kolulu and Lori's Other Spells: Zeruk, Zerusen, Zerurudo, Raja Zerusen, Geo La Zerudo, Zerarusen

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