Shin Poruku

Kanchomé and Parco Folgore
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Japanese Incantation: Shin Poruku (シン・ポルク )
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Type: Assist/Immobilization Episode: N/A
Chapter: 298 Video Game: N/A
Description: Shin Poruku is Kanchomé's seventh and most powerful spell. It is gained during an unknown point during the 10 month training period during the King's Festival Arc.

Kanchomé traps his opponents in an illusionary world where he can completely control their hearts and minds into believing anything he wants. He is capable of shifting into any form, can alter the environment into anything he desires, and can utilize any ability he wants. This control is so complete that even knowing that the spell is an illusion will not allow them to break free from it, and it extends to everyone within the world, even the bookkeeper who cast the spell. As long as Kanchomé's body comes into contact with his opponent's, the orders are continuously sent.

However, the damage inflicted is primarily mental; upon the cancellation of the illusion, the physical injuries are minor, with fatigue being the primary infliction. However, if utilized for too long, this spell runs the risk of shattering an enemy's mind.

It is unknown whether or not there are any ways to break away from the spell or if there are any weaknesses in it, but based on Dufort's advice to Kiyo about not utilizing the Answer Talker ability may suggest that using it might be able to find the way to escape the spell.

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