Shin Kuria Seunousu Zarefedōra

16-17Shin Kuria Seunousu Zarefedoura blasting
Clear Note and Vino
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Japanese Incantation: Shin Kuria Seunousu Zarefedōra (シン・クリア・セウノウス・ザレフェドーラ)
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Type: Attack Episode: N/A
Chapter: 301 Video Game:
Description: Shin Kuria Seunousu Zarefedōra (シン・クリア・セウノウス・ザレフェドーラ) is one of Clear Note's spells, an offshoot of his most powerful spell, Shin Kuria Seunousu. Clear summons a gigantic multi-turreted cannon that fires powerful beams able to destroy everything within its targeted path. When Clear pinpoints his target, a huge military-styled figure (very similar to Belgim EO) sitting on the cannon's base named Zarefedōra commands the cannon to "fire". After all the turrets have been fired, the cannon itself can be launched at an opponent followed by the cannon's platform. This long distance spell is also known as his "Right Hand" Attack, and when it is defeated, the jewel on Clear's right hand shatters.

This spell was first used against Kanchome and Purio to stop them from burning Gorm's book during the ten-month training period, and burned both of their spellbooks. Since Clear was still going through the transformation into his caped form at this time, the spell was simply two beams, without the cannon or Zarefedōra commanding it.

Zarefedōra himself, while only existing for a short period of time, is shown to have a distinct personality, being intensely loyal to Clear and expressing happiness that he is able to fight enemies as powerful as Zatch and his friends such a short time after being born. He promises not to "disgrace the name of Shin Kuria", though what exactly this means in terms of Clear's final spell is unknown.

Tia's Rima Chājiru Seshirudon was able to defend against the shots and even the cannon itself, but the stress put on her from guarding against them set her book on fire.

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