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Sherry's Rhapsody of Life

Sherry Rhapsody
Japanese title
Season 01
Episode # 12
Chapter(s) 54, 55
Japanese airdate 28th May 2005
English airdate 22nd June 2003
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Sherry and Brago are in a forest searching for a Mamodo and its partner. While there, Sherry reminisces about the past. In the past, Sherry is going to congratulate her friend Koko when she finds that Koko's city is on fire. Searching the city, she finds Koko brainwashed by the Mamodo Zofis. In the present time, Sherry and Bargo engage in battle with the Mamodo they were searching for. Just then Sherry collapses from exhaustion. Sherry dreams about the time Koko saved her when she tried to commit suicide and how Koko afterwards became her first and best friend. Sherry regains consciousness and uses her new spell "Ion Gravirei" to defeat the Mamodo pair. She collapses soon afterwards with a fever.