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Seitaro Takamine
Seitaro Takamine card
Japanese Name 高嶺清太郎
Romaji Takamine Seitarō
Age  ?
Species Human
First appearance (Anime) {{{fa_anime}}}
First appearance (Manga) {{{fa_manga}}}
Voiced for Ryoutarou Okiayu

Seitaro Takamine (高嶺清太郎, Takamine Seitarō) is Kiyo Takamine's father and Hana Takamine's husband. He is a professor at a university in England, where he teaches archaeology. Seitaro was the one who found Zatch Bell in the forest almost dying. He was worried about Kiyo being a smart aleck, so he sent Zatch to teach him a lesson. He is a friend with Professor D'artagnan .

Dark Lord Baltro Beaten! Episode Edit

Seitaro was captured by Steng, But Zatch and Kiyo go to Dark Lord Baltro Castle to save his father.

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