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Schneider's Father
Japanese name ウマゴンの父
Japanese name (rōmaji) Umagon no Chichi
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Species Mamodo (horse)
First appearance (anime)  ?
First appearance (manga)  ?
Voiced by  ?
Ponygon's father (ウマゴンの父 Umagon no chichi), whose name is unknown, is a pony-like mamodo, the father of Ponygon (real name Schneider). Not much is known about Ponygon's father or mother since they are only seen in flashbacks. Ponygon's father appears in a flashback that tells the story of how Zatch and Ponygon met in the Mamodo World. Ponygon's father was bitten by a poisonous snake and Zatch helped Schneider save his father's life.
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