English Incantation: {{{EN}}}
Japanese Incantation: Saisu (サイス)
Meaning: {{{Meaning}}}
Type: Attack Episode: 14
Chapter: 36 Video Game: Zatch Bell! Mamodo Battles and Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury
Description: Saisu is Tia's second spell and her initial attack spell. She moves her arms back and throws a crescent shaped energy wave forward. While not a very strong spell (all it did against Maruss was tear his sleeves), its power is enough to knock out an average human and send them flying. Its power is increased when Tia is angry.
Tia's Other Spells: Seoshi, Ma Seshield, Giga La Seoshi, Saifogeo, Chajiru Saifodon, Chajiru Seshirudon, Rima Chaajiru Seshirudon, Shin Saifogeo, Gigano Saisu

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