Saifojio (Saifogeo)

English Incantation: Saifogeo
Japanese Incantation: Saifojio (サイフォジオ)
Meaning: Sai- (サイ) = ???
-fo- (フォ) = ???
-jio = Healing
Type: Assist Episode: 56
Chapter: 107 Video Game: Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury
Description: Saifogeo (サイフォジオ Saifojio) is Tia's fifth spell, gained during a trial battle with Kido and Dr. Riddles. It creates a floating cross-shaped sword that heals whomever it strikes. The more energy that is put into the spell, the more the affected will recover. This spell can also restore one's strength from within, giving one the ability to cast one or two more spells at most.

Usually, this spell only works on a single target, but is capable of healing multiple targets should they be standing in line with one another. At full strength, it is capable of saving a person from near fatal injuries.

Tia's Other Spells: Seushiru, Saisu, Ma Seshirudo, Giga Ra Seushiru, Chajiru Saifodon, Chajiru Seshirudon, Rima Chaajiru Seshirudon, Shin Saifogeo, Gigano Saisu

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