Japanese name ルシカ
Japanese name (rōmaji) Rushika
Age 3–5
Species Human
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First appearance (anime) 40
First appearance (manga) 85
Voiced by Taeko Kawada (Japanese)
Rebecca Forstadt (English)

Rushka (ルシカ Rushika, can also translate to "Lucica" or "Luccica") is a little girl Kanchomé met right after he was dismissed from Mr. Dancho's Traveling Big Top (オロロン・サーカス Ororon Circus in the Japanese version) though when Kanchomé met Rushka, she remained still, looking at the sky while holding his superhero figure named "Tomtom Man" (トムトム Tomtom) in the air, seeing if her toy could fly. Rushka didn't move until Kanchomé hit his head while trying to juggle rocks. Kanchomé tried juggling rocks and when one of them hit his head. Rushka told Kanchomé that instead of using bad performance to make people laugh, Rushka would be more applauded if Kanchomé succeeded more. Kanchomé then told her that he always wanted a little brother, mistaking Rushka as a boy, but a little sister was also nice for him. Rushka was happy having Kanchomé as a sworn older brother.

Rushka shows Kanchomé her farm of sheep that her family owns. After going home, they meet an old woman named Lily (リリー, Rirī), Rushka's parental guardian. Rushka's parents died a long time, making her an orphan under Lily's care. Lately though, Rushka's herd of sheep were being stolen by one-by-one by a pair of thieves that's been stealing cows and sheep around the village. Kanchomé promises he will protect Rushka's sheep as Rushka's sworn big brother.

Their barn is suddenly attacked by the pair of thieves named Bago (a dragon-like mamodo) and Fredo (an adult human) as they are after Rushka's herd of sheep. They steal sheep as food for Bago. As Rushka is crying in fear, Kanchomé tries to protect Rushka's herd of sheep until he realized he is facing against a dragon-like mamodo with hundreds of teeth and fangs. Kanchomé trembles in fear but still wants to bring Ruska's sheep back and tries to protect them but fails as Bago flies away with sheep stolen in bags. Kanchomé feels guilty for letting Rushka down as she cries in grief and sadness. Kanchomé tracks down the criminals after asking Lily where to find them.

Kanchomé heads to a cave by the beach in an attempt to bring the stolen herd of sheep back. Rushka's herd of sheep is later rescued when he and Parco Folgore defeated Bago and Fredo at the cave at night.


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