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Brago and Sherry go mamodo hunting when they encounter a boy and his granddad trying to kill a rowdy bear. The bear manages to slash the granddad, and starts to go for the boy when Brago and Sherry attack it with Reis. It turns out that the bear injured the boy's parents and that's the reason why they can't leave this place. Not without revenge. Brago tracks down the bear and kills it. This however upsets the boy who wanted to kill it himself...

Later, some bad guys come with a bulldozer threatening to bulldoze their home. At first, the boy is crying. Then, the boy realizes that crying won't do anything and tries to fight the bad guys. Of course, he's no match for the two adults who kick him around when Brago, who was watching at the sidelines, comes and smashs the bulldozer; telling the fraudulent real-estate agents to buzz off. That wasn't the only plan though, because the bad guy's Plan B is to blow up a mountain, causing an avalanche that could smother the property. But Sherry notices a new spell: Dioga Gravidon and uses it to stop the avalanche. They all say their goodbyes and the episode ends with a short skit with Kiyo, Zatch, Suzy, and Naomi.

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