Bank Robber
Japanese name 強盗
Japanese name (rōmaji) Gōtō
Age  ?
Species Human
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First appearance (anime) N/A
First appearance (manga) 2 (indirectly)
3 (directly)
Voiced by N/A
The unnamed robber (強盗 gōtō) is a Japanese human criminal from the Zatch Bell!/Konjiki no Gash!! manga, appearing in chapters 2 and 3 of the manga. In the anime, the bank robber's criminal activities were done by Hosokawa instead, replacing the bank robber in the anime.


Being a criminal, this robber is shown to be very cold-hearted, cruel, and angry. He even goes to as far as using human hostages as meat shields to defend himself against cops.


This unnamed criminal took some innocent people to the Kabutomushi Bank (甲虫銀行 Kabutomushi Ginkō, lit. "Beetle Bank") in Mochinoki City as hostages including Suzy Mizuno.

Over forty minutes later at the bank, when Kiyo and Zatch managed to throw themselves over the cops into the bank through a glass window, it caught the robbers' surprised. Zatch tries to distract the robbers but gave away Kiyo's position while talking to Suzy, seeing that she's safe.

Kiyo comes up with another plan and reveals himself, trying to distract the robber. At the right time, he attempts to cast Zakeru without trying to kill the robbers but the spell fails hasn't he didn't put enough heart into his incantation. However, with Kiyo distracting the robbers, the cops stormed into the bank and the robber is frustrated. The leading robber plans on using Suzy and Kiyo as his hostages against the cops until Kiyo's book glowed. With enough heart energy poured into the book, Kiyo successfully casted Zakeru and knocked out the robbers. Kiyo then noticed his spell book glowed again and he unlocked his second spell Rashirudo. The robbers were then arrested and Kiyo became a popular person in school the next day.

Powers and abilities

Being a human, the robber doesn't have any real powers but he is has a sharp eye, he is very cunning, he is a leader of a gang of robbers, and he is skilled with armed weapons. He managed to shoot an undercover police officer in the leg and he has used hostages as "meat shields" against sniper officers. He also seems to have good leadership, when giving commands to his fellow crooks, that they'll shoot the hostages if the cops don't comply.

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