Praying Mantis Joe
Yabuki kamakiri
Japanese name カマキリジョー
Japanese name (rōmaji) Kamakiri Jō
Age {{{age}}}
Species Human
First appearance (anime) 2 (on television)
43 (in person)
First appearance (manga) 78
Voiced by Wally Wingert (English)
Norihisa Mori (Japanese)

Praying Mantis Joe, known as Kamakiri Joe (カマキリジョー Kamakiri Jō) in Japan, is a fictional superhero on Zatch's favorite television show of the same name. Ponygon also enjoy the show. He's played by an actor named Yabuki (矢吹) on the Mochinoki Department Store; he is actually a weak-looking bald man, whose personality is totally opposed to Praying Mantis Joe's personality.


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