English Incantation: {{{EN}}}
Japanese Incantation: Poruku (ポルク)
Meaning: {{{Meaning}}}
Type: Assist Episode: 11
Chapter: 26 Video Game: N/A
Description: Poruk is Kanchomé's first spell. It transforms Kanchomé into anything he desires, but does not bestow any additional strength or ability. He has been shown to bear some obvious deformity such as a long nose or tall forehead when attempting to pose as a human, but often manages to fool opponents long enough to create an opening regardless. Oddly, in the anime, when Kanchomé uses this spell to turn into something mechanical, such as a car or rocket, he is able to operate as the object normally would.
Kanchomé's Other Spells: Koporuku, Dikaporuku, Dima Buruku, Fo Supuporuku, Miriararu Poruku, Shin Poruku, Gaporuk

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