Mamodo Partner
Pokkerio Periko
ポッケリオ Pokkerio ベリコ Beriko
Pokkeiro and Periko

Pokkerio (ポッケリオ, Pokkerio) and Periko (ベリコ, Beriko) are a minor Mamodo team that fought Brago and Sherry in the first stage of the Mamodo Battles.


Pokkerio is a plant type mamodo, his spells are based on roots and trees, he was seen battling Brago and Sherry to advance further in the quest to become king of the mamodo world. He is shown being defeated by Brago's spell Ion Gravirei, but his book was not burned instantly but presumably is off-screen. It is believed they were battling in the amazonic jungle. His partner's name is Periko. Periko was poor until he gained Pokkerio's power as his book starts shining and he says 'finally I have been able to become rich with this power no one is going to take it away from me!'. Pokkerio is later seen in chapter 323 of the manga he is at the school he is in the same grade as Laila, Gelios, and Paramakion.


The First Spell
Japanese Name: Juron (ジロン)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 12 Chapter: 55
Description: An attack that can manipulate the roots and trees to attack an opponent.

The Second Spell
Japanese Name: Barujuron (バルジュロン)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 12 Chapter: 55
Description: Creates miniature tree warriors that attack an opponent.

The Third Spell
Japanese Name: Juruku (ジュルク)
Type(s): Defense Episode: 12 Chapter: 55
Description: A defensive spell that surrounds an opponent in dense foliage.


Periko is Pokkerio's human partner. Not much else is known, except for the fact that he comes from Brazil.



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