Oruda Akuron (Oruda Kuron)

Oruda Kuran


English Incantation: Oruda Kuron
Japanese Incantation: Oruda Akuron (オルダ・アクロン)
Meaning: Oru- (オル) = Controllable
Aku- (アク) = Water
-ron (ロン) = Lunge, Thrust
Type: Attack Episode: 53
Chapter: 101 Video Game: ????
Description: Oruda Kuron (オルダ・アクロン Oruda Akuron) is one of Penny's spells. She can create several large jets of water that can surround the opponent. She is able to control their movements, making frontal shields like Rashirudo useless. This spell can be used to absorb attacks and use them with the water.
Penny's Other Spells: Akuru, Ashirudo, Aku Supureido, Oruda Akuron, Akuru Kiroro, Akurouku, Suou Giakuru, Ganzu Akuru, Akuruga, Shin Suou Giakuru

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