Ancient Mamodo
ニンニン Nin Nin
Mamodo Stats
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
English Actor: Unknown
Japanese Actor: Unknown
Current Partner Stats
Name: Kari

Kari (カーリー Kārī)

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Previous Partner Stats
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Mamodo Team Stats
The Deep Blue Book
Book Burned In Episode 77 And In Chapter 143.
Debut Episode: 76
Debut Chapter: 142
Book Burned By: Brago and Sherry Belmont

Ninin (ニンニン Ninnin) and Kari (カーリー Kārī) are a minor ancient mamodo team who only appears once. Their spells are based on Energy, and are the same as Alm. They only appeared at the final Ancient mamodo battle, where Brago burns all their books. Kari is a human which mind is brainwashed for Zofis. Their japanese voices aren't known.


Ninin and the remaining ancient mamodo appear right after Zofis burn Pamoon's book, and attacks Zatch and Ponygon. However, Brago and Sherry arrives the fight and defeat all ancient mamodo and burn their books (except Laila and Demolt).


Ability: Energy

First appearence: Episode 76/Chapter 142

Alignment: Evil

Spellbook Color: Deep Blue

Book Burned By: Brago and Sherry


The Blasting Spell
Japanese Name: Neshiruga (ネシルガ)
Type(s): Attack Episode: Chapter:
Description: Spell in which he shoots energy blasts.
Known user(s):

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