Nana Baba
Japanese name 馬場アンアン
Japanese name (rōmaji) Baba Anan
Age Unknown (around 60-70)
Species Human (giant-like)
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First appearance (anime) 26
First appearance (manga) 32
Voiced by Reiko Suzuki (Japanese)

Nana Baka (馬場アンアン Baba Anan) is a giant but kind old woman who Zatch met in Mochinoki Town. She quickly befriends him after the two have lunch together; and to pay her back for this kindness, Zatch vows to help her to find her son (Tadashi)'s wife, Hiromi. Her Seiyū is Reiko Suzuki.

Her recipes and cutlery are also shown to be giant for their normal sizes like giant rice cakes, giant fish, giant teapots, a large amount of tea, giant tea mugs, giant plates and giant bowls.


During their search for Hiromi, Nana shows how devoted she is when Zatch notices her worn out shoes, to which Nana admits to having walked multiple mountain ranges to meet Tadashi's Fiance. She also displays signs of protectiveness and fairness, saying she allowed her son to choose his own paths in life but also saying that if Hiromi were not a good girl, the kind that wore cheap jewelry and short skirts, and was out to ruin her son's life, then she would feel a mother's wrath.

When she finally meets Hiromi face to face (with the help of Zatch's bloodhound-like nose) she gives her her own wedding ring as a present and tells Hiromi to "Take care of her son". The two hug for a moment before Zatch leaves.


Her name, Baba it's maybe a pun; it means hippodrome (馬場 baba), but also sounds like granny (婆 baba).