My Beloved Zatch is the second episode of Season 2 and the 52nd episode of Zatch Bell.


It is physical checkup day at school. After Kiyo does his long jump, Yamanaka challenges him to a contest out of jealousy. Kain and Iwashima join and the four bet portions of their lunches on the four events. Kiyo and Yamanaka get the Unagi for winning the first round. Kiyo gets the melon smoothies for winning the Handball Toss, the second round. Iwashima gets the steak for the 3rd round, and Kain gets the strawberry upside-down cake for winning the 4th round, but not before breaking his back during the back-strength test.

Meanwhile, a mamodo named Penny and a man named Uri are walking the streets when they smelled the cake. They destroy the delivery truck with one spell.

Kain, after hearing that the cake has been eaten, is very depressed. Kiyo can't say anything at this point.

Penny tells the story of how she and Zatch met. After that, she sees Zatch and he asks who she is. Penny says it's his beloved, and asks if he remembers her face. But Zatch lost his memories and he heads to the school. Penny becomes enraged and decides to burn his book no matter what. She then starts chasing after Zatch.

At school, Zatch gets yelled at by Kiyo for coming to school, but not before Penny breaks through the doors. Kiyo, after learning she's a mamodo, decides to flee along with Zatch. That's when Penny resumes chasing after Zatch. Kiyo and Zatch make it out of there and end up in an empty pool along with the other team.

Kiyo asks Penny why she hates Zatch so much, which she answers that Zatch doesn't remember her at all. The two teams eventually fight after Zatch says he doesn't know who she is. But with Penny's water spells, Zatch and Kiyo are at a severe disadvantage.

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