Ancient Mamodo
ムカロン Mukaron
Mukaron and Heather Spoon
Mamodo Stats
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
English Actor: N/A
Japanese Actor: N/A
Current Partner Stats
Name: Heather Spoon (へザー・スプーン Hezā Supūn)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
English Actor: N/A
Japanese Actor: N/A
Previous Partner Stats
Age: Unknown
Gender: {{{original partner gender}}}
English Actor: N/A
Japanese Actor: {{{original partner japenese actor}}}
Mamodo Team Stats
The Dark Purple Book
Book Burned In Episode 69 And In Chapter 128.
Debut Episode: 69
Debut Chapter: 103
Book Burned By: Kanchomé and Parco Folgore

Mukaron (ムカロン Mukaron) and Heather Spoon (へザー・スプーン Hezā Supūn)[1] are a minor ancient mamodo team, which only appeared once in the anime. No spells about them are shown, because their book was easily burned by Kanchomé. Heather Spoon is a human which mind was brainwashed by Zofis, but got free once Mukaron's book is gone. Her japanese voice is probably Ai Nagano, as she never talks[2].


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