Miriararu Poruku

Miriarar Poruku
Kanchomé and Parco Folgore
English Incantation: {{{EN}}}
Japanese Incantation: Miriararu Poruku(ミリアラル・ポルク )
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Type: Attack Episode: N/A
Chapter: 298 Video Game: N/A
Description: Miriaru Poruku is Kanchomé's sixth spell, gained during an unknown point during the 10 month training period in the King's Festival Arc.

Kanchomé utilizes an illusionary mass of smog that fools his opponent into believing he's using one of their spells against them. Since the opponent believes they are seeing their own attack being sent at them, their brains are fooled into inflicting damage to their own bodies equal to the damage the real attack would cause. This spell can only mimic spells Kanchomé has already seen, and can only be used against the mamodo who uses that spell, as only they know how the effect and power of the spell.

Kanchomé and Parco Folgore's Other Spells: Poruku, Koporuku, Dikaporuku, Dima Buruku, Fo Supuporuku, Shin Poruku, Gaporuk

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