Miberuna Ma Miguron (Miberna Ma Migron)

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Miberuma ma miguron Harvest

English Incantation: Miberna Ma Migron
Japanese Incantation: Miberuna Ma Miguron (ミベルナ・マ・ミグロン)
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Type: Attack Episode: 83
Chapter: 155 Video Game: Zatch Bell! Mamodo Battles
Description: Miberna Ma Migron is Laila's fifth spell, and her strongest spell aside from the spell in The Golden Spellbook; she wasn't able to use this spell until after Albert had been freed from Zofis' mind control. This spell causes 26 crescent moons, identical to the one on her wand, to surround an enemy. Laila can control the various moons by calling out the letters of the German Alphabet, each of which corresponds to one moon. Then Albert can command them to either:

Roll (回転(ロール), Kaiten (Rōru)) (the moons move to another place, usually to dodge incoming attacks),

Fire (攻撃(ファイア), Kōgeki (Faia)) (the moons explode to cause damage and/or throw a foe off balance),

Connect (連結(コネクト), Renketsu (Konekuto)) (the moons attach to each other in a web of light, ensnaring the foe), or

Harvest (収穫(ハーベスト), Shūkaku (Hābesuto)) (after using Connect, the moons move upward to drop the foe on the ground).

Laila's Other Spells: Migron, Mishield, Or Migurga, Raja Migsen, Miberuna Shin Miguron