Ancient Mamodo
Mamodo Stats
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
English Actor: None
Japanese Actor: None
Current Partner Stats
Name: Dan

Dan (ダン)

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Gender: {{{partner gender}}}
English Actor: {{{partner english actor}}}
Japanese Actor: {{{partner japenese actor}}}
Previous Partner Stats
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Age: {{{partner age}}}
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Mamodo Team Stats
The Garnet Book
Book Burned In Episode 77 And In Chapter 142.
Debut Episode: 76
Debut Chapter: 142
Book Burned By: Brago and Sherry Belmont

Meumutsume (メウムツメ) and Dan (ダン) are a minor Ancient mamodo mamodo team who only appears twice in both anime and manga (along with Ninin and Gein pairs) while assisting the other one. Their spells are based on Breath, like Dekofis.

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