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  • I replied at first but then I realized it wasn't your page so I'm posting again but on your wall.

    Totaldramafangeek9 needs to understand that a mamodo's first spell IS NOT always an attack spell. Also, if he's an American like me, then I understand why he'd think what they say in the anime is proof enough. However, the episode that he mentions is not part of the manga so it is most likely a filler episode. Additionally, there can easily be mistranslantions from the japanese anime to the english/spanish/etc Dub. I just finished checking the manga and it does not specify which is the 1st spell and 2nd spell, it only shows her using Seoshi first followed by Saisu. This link shows the page. . In the end, I agree with you. Tia's spells revolve around shields and all the TCG cards read that Saisu is the second, and Seoshi is the first. Totaldramafangeek9 only has a filler episode as support.

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