Mary Lou Yamada
Mariko nakamura
Japanese name 仲村マリ子
Japanese name (rōmaji) Nakamura Mariko
Age 14 (series beginning)
Species Human
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First appearance (anime) 1 (cameo)
3 (properly introduced)
First appearance (manga) 4
Voiced by Michelle Ruff (English)
Mary Lou Yamada[1], known as Mariko Nakamura (仲村マリ子 Nakamura Mariko) in Japan, is a friend of Suzy Mizuno as they both attend the same clubs together at Mochinoki Middle School and Suzy in the Japanese version calls her "Mari-chan" (マリちゃん).
Mary Lou playing Ping Pong
Mary Lou, however, is seen to be more conceded and obsessed with her appearance than Suzy tends to be, her importance, along with Kiyo's other friends importances develops as the story progresses. She also has great cooking skills and is skilled in ping pong, even though Zatch and Kiyo managed to beat her in ping pong.[1]


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