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Japanese Name 岩島守

(Iwashima Mamoru)

Romaji {{{rom_name}}}
Age 14
Species Human
First appearance (Anime) 1
First appearance (Manga) 1
Voiced for Yuusuke Numata (Japanese)
Crispin Freeman (English)

Mamoru Iwashima (岩島 守 Iwashima Mamoru) is one of Kiyo's friends who gained greater importance as the series progressed further on.


Iwashima's Alien Obsession

He is known to be completely obsessed with catching or seeing UFO's or supernatural things. He is very short and stocky in build, but always sees it as an advantage and never a disadvantage.


In chapter 21 of the manga, when Kiyomaro is explaining all of his friends' talents, he states that Iwashima is "a very interesting guy". Afterwards, on the character description page at the beginning of each volume describes Iwashima as "a very interesting guy."

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