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100mamono and company

Zatch with the other 99 Mamodo and some of the Ancient Mamodo.

Mamodo (魔物 Mamono, "Demons", can also translate to "Goblins" and "Apparition") are a race of magical creatures from another world called Mamodo World (魔界, Makai). While referred to as "Mamono" (demon) in the Japanese version, they are referred to as "Mamodo" in the English version. Mamodo come to the Human World to compete in a Battle to Determine King of the Mamodo World, a tournament held every 1,000 years to decide the Mamodo King. The 100 contestants are chosen by the Mamodo School Principal and the current King of the Mamodo World and are sent to the Human World with their spellbooks.

Mamodos are very different from ordinary humans, although most take on a humanoid appearance. Mamodos are stronger, faster, and have greater endurance than humans. They can increase these attributes through training their physical and inner strength. Also, if they get injured, they can recover significantly faster than humans. Mamodos also have bigger appetites and their favorite food is fish, which they usually eat raw. A male mamodo will eat the fish by unhinging their jaws to make their mouths large enough to chomp on and swallow large fish in large pieces. Females instead prefer to eat small fish so as not to act vulgar.

There are many types of mamodo, with many different types of spells. Mamodo-type is based on elements of nature, such as Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Gravity, Ice, Metal, Machines, and much more. Normally in the Mamodo World, Mamodos can cast magical spells on their own but during the Battle to Decide King of the Mamodo World in the Human World, Mamodo spells can only be casted through spellbooks, which can only be read by their partner.

There are currently 14 Mamodos that were never named. They were most likely destroyed early in the Mamodo Battle or amongst each other in random parts of the world. Although, on the last volume back cover there is an image depicting all 100 mamodo that have participated on the King's Festival, together with the most relevant mamodo from 1000 years ago.

Known Mamodo Names and Partners

Other known mamodos

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