Mamodo Partner
Majirou Nicholas
マジロウ Majirō ニコラウス Nikorausu
Majirou and Nicholas

Majirou (マジロウ Majirō) and Nicholas (ニコラウス Nikorausu) are an anime-exclusive Mamodo team.

Majirou Biography

Majirou is a racoon-like mamodo with its back resembling that of a caterpillar or a armadillo. He met his partner Nicholas when he saved him from being used as a soccer ball for kids. Majirou began to travel with Nicholas to spread the cheer of bagpipes with the world and to become king of the Mamodo world. The pair became inseparable but would fight occasionally with him, later making up and laughing together.

Majirou had a dream of Maestro's summons, and was drawn towards a stone monument that was in the same shape as the symbols on a Mamodo's spellbook. He met Zatch and Ponygon and they all quickly became friends. During the night Majirou and Nicholas saw the mysterious light coming from the pillars and went to go check it out.

On their way they met another Mamodo team, Brago and Sherry. Brago announced that they were too weak and weren't worth his time to burn their book. At this, Nicholas and Majirou became mad, and began a fight with them. In the end, however, Brago's words proved true: the two were defeated, and Majirou's book was burned. Zatch arrived just in time to say a regretful goodbye before Majirou faded away.

Nicholas Biography

Nicholas is a scottish boy with long eyelashes who is seen playing his bagpipes and wearing a kilt. He is also partners with Majirou and was determined to make him King. One day Majirou was drawn towards a light from a stone pillar in Japan and travelled with Majirou to the location where they met Zatch, his partner Kiyo and Ponygon. However, he turns into a depression after the loss of Majirou, and then Folgore tries to help him out by taking him to Italy, stating that he could not leave a fellow man with long eyelashes behind. Folgore ultimately failed to bring him to Italy.


Saku Doruk
The Armor-Spike Spell
Japanese Name: Saaku Doruku (サアク ドルク)
Type(s): Assist Episode: 93 Chapter: N/A
Description: Transforms Majiro into a large, strong form.
Known user(s):

The Energy-Blast Spell
Japanese Name: Dorusen ドルセン
Type(s): Attack Episode: 5 Chapter: 9
Description: Shoots a beam of blue energy out of his mouth.
Known user(s):