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Ma Seshield

Ma Seshield 2
Japanese Name: Ma Seshirudo (マ・セシルド)
Type: Defense Episode: 14
Chapter: 36 Video Game: Zatch Bell!:Mamodo Battle and Mamodo Fury
Description: Ma Seshield is Tia's third spell. This spell creates a pink and yellow floating disk-like shield. While it is only able to guard against frontal attacks, it is significantly more powerful than Seoshi, strong enough to cancel out a Gigano class spell. Also, the size and endurance can be changed depending on how much power is put into it.
Tia's Other Spells: Seoshi, Saisu, Giga La Seoshi, Saifogeo, Chajiru Saifodon, Chajiru Seshirudon, Rima Chaajiru Seshirudon, Shin Saifogeo, Gigano Saisu

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