This page is a list of all Movie-only characters in Zatch Bell. It also include characters that appeared only in second movie.

Unlisted Demon #101 characters

A list of movie-exclusive characters appearing in Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Movie 1: Unlisted Demon 101.

Akatsuki and Sakurada

Main article: Akatsuki and Sakurada

Akatsuki and sakurada

"They are movie-exclusive characters in Zatch Bell Movie "The Unlisted #101 Mamodo". His spells are based on spikes, and he knows Zatch from the Mamodo World, and as the other mamodo, he reminds Zatch for being a weak one. When Kotoha, Zatch and Kiyo search for a mysterious cure for Kotoha's mother, they meet Akatsuki and soon they're defeated with Zatch's Zakeru." Read More...

Black Knight

Main article: Black Knight and Fukurou

Black Knight

The Black Knight (黒騎士) is a centaur-like mamodo warrior who protects the Mamodo World, along with his owl partner Fukurou. He attempted to capture Zatch and Kiyo because he suspected them of stealing the White Spellbook from his mansion until he discovered the truth. Despite being proclaimed as the strongest hero by Fukurou, his biggest flaw is only being able to dash in a straight line, thus, running into objects such as walls. His Japanese voice is provided by Ken Nishikiori. [Black Knight and Fukurou|Read More...]]

Feather Pen

Feather Pen

Feather Pen (羽ペン) is magic object used for the Headmaster, that can change size, and assisted Zatch and Kiyo in their return in the Mamodo World, along with Moppun. Voiced by Kazuko Sugiyama.


Main article: Black Knight and Fukurou


Fukurou (フク口ウ, "Owl") is an owl-like mamodo which assists the Black Knight at protecting and serving the Mamodo World. He's smart but is very weak to do any fight, so he assists him by locating the enemies. Voiced by Tomohiro Nishimura. [Black Knight and Fukurou|Read More...]]


Main article: Headmaster


"He is the headmaster of the school that Gash attended in the mamodo world,he is 1 million years old and is the oldest mamodo in the mamodo world and is the main decider over who enters the battle to become king. In the movie (Konjiki no Gash Bell Banme no Mamono 101!) he did not want to place Wiseman in the battle to become king due to his disdain for the human race." Read More...



Kame (カメ, "Turtle") is a flying turtle-like mamodo that can be used as transportation. It can make the sound "hachi" (八, eight) by blinking its eyes. The turtle has a habit of saying "Kame" (カメ, "Turtle") when speaking.

Kotoha's Mother

Kotoha's Mother

Kotoha's mother (ガッシュの母上, Gasshu no Hahaue) is a kind human woman just like Kiyo's mother. Zatch mistaken her as his own mother upon meeting her. Kotoha's mother unknowingly became ill shortly after meeting Zatch, as predicted in the white spellbook by Wiseman. Another prediction appeared in the whitebook, describing a medicine in a cave of the forest would cure her unknown illness. However, that medicine was a plant from Mamodo World, which only eases pain for a short amount of time. Kotoha's mother became worse when the effects wore off. However, she was cured when Wiseman was defeated, as she was infected by Wiseman.



Moppun (モップン) is a mop-like mamodo that is a friend of Zatch Bell in the Mamodo World. He assisted him in his return of the Mamodo World. Thanks to him, Zatch did escape from the Black Knight. Voiced by Shigeru Chiba.

Philosophy Tree

Professor Philospher Tree

The Philosophy Tree (仙人木, Senninki, "Hermit Tree") is a tree-like mamodo that knows everything there is to know in the Mamodo World and has helped answering questions that Kiyo and Zatch wondered. Voiced by Tomomichi Nishimura.

Vice Headmistress

Vice Headmistress

The Vice Headmistress (教頭先生, Kyōtō-sensei) of Mamodo World Elementary School No. 7 is an old female mamodo that acts underneath the Headmaster. Voiced by Yoshiko Shimizu.

Wiseman and Kotoha

Main article: Wiseman and Kotoha

Wiseman and Kotoha

"He is the 101st mamodo that was rejected in favor of Zatch Bell. His partner Kotoha voluntarily chose to be his partner at first, believing he saved her mother, but was reluctant to keep fighting mamodo." Read More...

Zatch's Mother

Main article: Queen Bell


Zatch's mother (ガッシュの母上, Gasshu no Hahaue), who is also Zeno's mother, is the wife and queen of the current Mamodo King. While never seen in the movie, she appeared in a flashback as a silhouette from the sunlight and was said to live in the Windmill Village of Demon World. Zatch initially mistaken Kotoha's mother for his own mother. She is voiced by Minami Takayama. Besides the first movie, Zatch's mother was also seen in the manga. Read More...

Attack of the Mecha-Vulcan characters

A list of movie-exclusive characters appearing in Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Movie 2: Attack of the Mecha-Vulcan.

Dr. M2

Main article: Dr. M2


Dr. M2

Dr. M2 (ドクター・エムツー Dokutā Emutsū) is the villain of the second Zatch Bell! movie. He is a mamodo scientist responsible for creating the Mecha-Volcans called the "Death" series. Some of his research shows that the color of a Mamodo's book may have some kind of influence on what kind of powers they have and he's currently the only known demon studying Magic Science (魔科学, Makagaku). He is voiced by Shigeru Chiba. Read More...

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