Li Pakron
Japanese name リィ・バクロン
Japanese name (rōmaji) Ryi Bakuron
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Species Human
First appearance (anime) 37
First appearance (manga) 71
Voiced by Jun Hazumi (Japanese)
Michael McConnohie (English)
Paco Mauri (Spanish)
Li Pakron (リィ・バクロン Ryi Bakuron), also known as Li-Akron, is Li-en's father who is the mafia boss of a criminal organization in Hong Kong, China.


When Li-en got in a relationship with her mamodo partner Wonrei and when Li-Akron found out who he was, he locked Wonrei in a prison cell on an island, guarded by his crooks. Li Pakron tells his daughter that he'll exile Wonrei away from Japan and tells Li-en to live with Li Pakron's mother (Li-en's grandmother) in Japan until then.

Li-en does go to Japan but she still tries to find help and begged Zatch and Kiyo to go to Li Pakron's island, filled with weaponry and treasure. After recovering Wonrei and defeating Zabas and Galliont, Li Pakron arrives at the island to stop Li-en and Wonrei from escaping, pulling out his sword. Wonrei vows he'll always protect Li-en and be by her side and convinced Pakron. Pakron softens himself up and lets them be on their way.



  • In the English dub, Li Pakron's henchmen's assault rifles glow green to provide censorship to the guns.
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