Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Go! Go! Mamono Fight!!

Gash Bell Go! Go! Mamono Fight

Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Go! Go! Mamono Fight!! (GameCube)

Japanese title 金色のガッシュベル!! ゴー!ゴー!魔物ファイト!! Konjiki no Gasshu Beru!! Gō! Gō! Mamono Faito!!
Developer(s) Eighting
Publisher(s) Bandai
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Platform(s) PlayStation 2, GameCube
Release date(s) JP: December 15, 2005
Genres(s) 2D Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Rating(s) CERO: A

Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Go! Go! Mamono Fight!! (金色のガッシュベル!! ゴー!ゴー!魔物ファイト!!, lit. "Golden Gash Bell!! Go! Go! Demon Fight!!") is a video game for Playstation 2 and GameCube which was developed by Eighting[1] and was published by Bandai on December 15, 2005. The fighting gameplay style is similar to Super Smash Bros. with four-player multiplayer[2], as well as few other video games like Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Unare! Yūjō no Zakeru Dream Tag Tournament.


  • Demonic Horror Mode: This is the mode where you fight 3 random foes, and where you can unlock secret stuff. This mode is managed by Zatch on the main menu.
  • Versus Mode: As it's own name says, this mode in where you main fight your enemies, alone or in teams, and where you can set the Battle Options. This mode is managed by Tia on the main menu.
  • Story Mode: This mode has four stories, as Tia, Kanchomé, Ponygon and Zatch, and when those are finished, a reward is given. This mode is managed by Kanchomé on the main menu.
  • Card Gallery: There is a total of 327 cards listed in this collection including mamodo, spell, partner, and event cards. This mode is managed by Ponygon on the main menu.
  • Options: Change settings for the game including audio, video, game data, etc. This menu option is managed by Brago.[3]

Playable Characters

Most of the characters in this game are already unlocked, but a rest only is unlocked by playing Demonic Horror Mode and reaching a score of 50.000 points with each character.

  1. Zatch & Kiyo
  2. Kanchome & Folgore
  3. Tia & Megumi
  4. Ponygon & Kafk
  5. Brago & Sherry
  6. Wonrei & Li-en
  7. Kido & Dr. Riddles
  8. Ted & Jido (Locked)
  9. Rein & Kyle (Locked)
  10. Zeno & Dufort (Locked)
  11. Bari & Gustav
  12. Victoream & Mohawk Ace
  13. Laila & Albert
  14. Zofis & Koko (Locked)
  15. Keith & Berun (Locked)
  16. Arth & Elly (Locked)


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