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Ancient Mamodo
カルーラ Karūra
Kalura and Marlené Yanenz
Mamodo Stats
Age: 7
Gender: Female
English Actor: Unknown
Japanese Actor: Unknown
Mamodo Team Stats
Partner: Marlené Yanenz (マレーネ・ヤネンツ Marēne Yanentsu)
The Ultramarine Blue Book
Book Burned In Episode 67 And In Chapter 126.
Debut Episode: 54
Debut Chapter: 104
Book Burned By: Kido and Dr. Riddles

Kalura (カルーラ Karūra) and Marlené Yanenz (マレーネ・ヤネンツ Marēne Yanentsu) are an ancient mamodo team who fights Wonrei and Li-en and Tia and Megumi Ooumi in town, while Zatch and Ponygon, now with his partner, returned to there. Her spells are based on roses. They appeared in Zatch Bell episodes 54, 66 and 67; but her spellbook was burned by Kido. Marlené is a woman which is mind is controlled for Zofis.


Kalura and Marlené appears first in a squad that was sent to Japan and lead by Byonko, and burns Baransha's spellbook. Later, they only seen while attacking Tia and the others in the town,they get their book burned by Dr. Riddles.


Ability: Roses

Alignment: Evil

Book burned by: Kido and Dr. Riddles

Spellbook Color: Ultramarine Blue


Oru Rozuruga
Japanese Name:Oru Rozuruga (オル・ロズルガ)
Type(s):Attack Episode:66 Chapter:125
Description:Fires a large red rose that attacks the enemy.

Bazu Agurozesu
Japanese Name:Bazu Agurōzesu (バズ・アグローゼス)
Type(s):Attack Episode:67 Chapter:126
Description:Creates a giant, man-eating rose monster.

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